Selection of blinds

Roller blinds - which are best?

They protect you from the sun in hot summer, keep you warm in winter and are an excellent alternative to curtains. Practical and modern blinds are one of the most important elements of interior design. In this article, we reveal how blinds / blinds are selected and which models are best suited to their home.

Which blinds should you choose for your home?

Blinds are one of the most popular ways to decorate a window. All models are easy to install. Thanks to a wide selection, you can also mount blinds for windows with irregular shapes. Roller blinds are a solution for several years. Roller blinds should consider both practical and aesthetic aspects.

Light in the house and apartment - you should pay attention

With the appropriate lighting, rooms or entire houses and apartments can be perfectly staged. The adaptation of the lighting of the apartment is the task of blinds. The type should be based on the sunlight level of the interior. If the apartment is located on the ground floor, it is worthwhile to opt for blinds with complete blackout. The same should choose people who do not like the morning sun. If we opt for blinds made of transparent fabrics, we get slightly diffused light.


Slowly hanging blinds are usually mounted over the window niche. It is particularly important to ensure that the fall is so high that the fabric in the shade does not touch the window sash. Mini blinds that are mounted on a window sash are an alternative to this solution - they no longer need to be screwed on, which makes them increasingly popular.

Color and pattern

The blind should protect from light and decorate the interior. It should be remembered that bright colors take in even 30% more light than dark ones. Dark Venetian blinds are perfect for the bedroom, while light blinds made of permeable fabrics in the living room or kitchen are better.

Choose one of the matching colors and have your roller blind made to measure!